What Is Psyllium husk ?

Psyllium is an herbal medicinal plant cultivated in India mainly in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan. The seed of the Psyllium plant are the primary part of the plant used in traditional herbal medicine. Psyllium husk is the coating around the seed of the Psyllium plant.

Psyllium is a soluble fiber used primarily as a gentle bulk forming laxative.

The soluble fiber found in Psyllium husks plays an important role in much disease.

It provides sufficient dietary fiber it is complete natural fiber not requiring of any additives.

It is often used as a dietary supplement because it is an excellent source of fiber.

The seeds also have their own separate medicinal uses.

There are many source of fiber but, Psyllium husk supplements are a particular rich of soluble fiber.

Psyllium has been used in India for thousands of years for these therapeutic purposes cited above. The western world has more recently caught on to these benefits and demands for these products have therefore seen a significant increase.

The composition of Psyllium husks are primarily complex carbohydrates.

It is widely used in Pharmaceuticals, Nutritional and Medical application. Main purpose is as laxative due to having soluble and insoluble natural fiber.

It is gluten free so it is helpful for gluten sensitive persons.

Psyllium provides 71 grams of soluble fiber for every 100 grams of the herb.

The seed husks also are a major component in natural colon cleansings, because the fiber absorbs built-up waste and removes it from the colon, allowing for healthier digestion.

Psyllium fiber is got from the seeds of a plant known as Plantago psyllium. This plant grows like a weed all over the world and it is cultivated commercially in France, Spain, Pakistan and India among many other countries. Psyllium is a cheap soluble fiber source that is especially appropriate for individuals who do not consume adequate fiber-rich meals.

Process of Purchase Psyllium Seeds

Psyllium sees is purchased from various market yards.
It is screened and packed in new gunny bags.

Process of Cleaning Psyllium Husk

The material is feed into a feeding point through mesh screen so impurities like twins get separated. Then bucket elevator lift it which is connected with Air bath to blow dust outside. Then it goes to rotary screener for separation of impurities. After that the material goes for fine cleaning to separate stones other impurity. Finally it goes for grinder to separate husk from seeds.

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