We are largest exporter manufacturer and supplier of Senna leaves, Senna Pods and Senna Leaves Pods Powder to all over the world. The world is always looking for alternative medicine and products of natural origin continue to dominate. The great gift of nature to the mankind

Our country is blessed with all the natural resources such as sea, hills, river, waterfalls, windfalls, windmill, temples, forest, orchards, tea plantations, horticulture, agro farms and medicinal herbs. India is the botanical garden of the world. Among all Senna is also one of the efficient herbs and it is used as vegetable laxative all over the world. The laxative property is mainly due to chemicals namely sennoside A, B, C, & D Senna Pods and leaves are used as a pharmaceutical raw material. We are one of the strongest and largest manufacturers and exporters of Senna Pods & Leaves supplying worldwide as per buyers specification, quality and packing. We have our own plant for processing of senna pods and leaves to gain high quality product with uniform size and weight

Botanical name: Cassia Angustifolia Vahl


Common names: Tinnevelly Senna, Sanai, Sonmukhi, Midhiaval

Part used: Leaves and Pods

Properties: Purgative (mild)

Primary uses: Constipation, Jaundice, Worms

Secondary uses: Acne, Breath/order, Obesity, Skin disease, Colic

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