Psyllium Manufacturing & Exporting

Jyotindra International is one of the largest exporter and manufacturer of Psyllium Husk (Ispaghula Husk) and its base products. It has total Psyllium Husk production capacity around 4000 Tons per annum. There is policy of the company to upgrade the equipments to get the best quality product thus today company stand at the first rank in 100 % customer satisfaction on quality, on time delivery and prompt in communication.

Cleaning of Psyllium Seeds
Machine For Cleaning of Ispaghula Seeds,Jyotindra Intarnational
Psyllium Seeds is pass through different types of sieves, aspiration system, Forsberg m ade air classifier, gravity separator, Destoner and Kice make aspirator all this equipments are closed and fully automatic so there is no chance of human contamination.

Grinding of Psyllium Seeds
Machine for Grinding of Ispaghula Seeds,Jyotindra International
Cleaned Psyllium Seeds is feed into closed automatic grinders which is one of its kind in whole industry. These equipments automatically grind the seeds and separate Husk, powder and cattle feed from the seed without any manual intervention

Winnowing of Psyllium Husk
Plant Of Winnowing of Ispaghula Husk,Jyotindra International
Grinded husk is stored in different silo for intermediate storage and separated according their particle size by centrifugal sieves. Gravity separator is used for better separation of Husk

Fumigation Chamber
Fumigation Chamber Of Ispaghula ,Jyotindra International
Finish material Psyllium Husk is fumigated in vaccum chamber for effective fumigation and this will help to reduce the residue problem upto certain extent

Milling Facility
Milling Facility,Jyotindra International
Milling Facility,Jyotindra International
Jyotindra International has fully automatic Milling Plant made from Stainless Steal and follow the GMP rules. We have installed five stage rotor to make the powder as per specifications of customers. At presently we are supplying 30 mesh, 40 mesh and 100 mesh to the different customers world wide. This plant is fully functioned since 2004

Drying Facility
Machine Of Drying ispaghula,Drying Facility,Jyotindra International
Jyotindra International is the only company in Psyllium Husk industries who has Fluid Bed Dryer to reduce the moisture of product upto 0.5%. This process is fully automatic and computerised to ensure the moisture will be the same in all the bags as per specification. We have facility to reduce the moisture in Psyllium Husk and Psyllium Husk powder. This plant is fully functioned since 2004. At present we are supplying to many Pharmaceuticals companies worldwide, to get the review about our quality from our esteemed buyer kindly contact us.

Bagging Machine
Material is feed into feeding point for final bagging before it pass through screener, high gauss magnets and high sensitive metal detractor before packing in final packing

Further Process.....
Jyotindra International is supplying further advance process after finished Psyllium husk and supplying many pharmaceuticals company worldwide, for detail plant layout and information kindly contact us.....

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