Medicinal benefits & uses of Psyllium husk

Constipation: Psyllium relieves constipation. It speed the passage of stool through the digestive tract by softening the stool which stimulates the transit of waste through the gastrointestinal tract.
For relief from constipation, mix two spoons of Psyllium in a glass of warm milk and drink it just before you go to bed.

Diarrhea: It can be used as a bulk-forming agent to help relieve diarrhea. For soaking up a significant amount of water in the digestive tract,
For relief from diarrhea, mix two spoons of isabgol with three spoons of fresh curd and eat this mixture right after a meal. Make sure you eat it about two times a day for effective results

High Cholesterol: Psyllium husk having a cholesterol-lowering effect when added to a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet. Psyllium is quite effective in lowering total as well as LDL i.e. bad cholesterol - LDL levels, which can be helpful to those with high cholesterol and those at increased risk for developing hypercholesterolemia

Heart Disease: high fiber Psyllium enriched cereals into the diet may help lower heart disease risk.

High Blood Pressure: The addition of fiber, 12 grams of soluble fiber per day, particularly Psyllium, may help lower blood pressure.

Obesity: Medical studies suggest that psyllium may enhance the sensation of fullness and reduce hunger cravings. Use of Psyllium and other sources of fiber into the diet may aid weight loss.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Several studies have found that soluble fiber including psyllium helps to regulate stool frequency and consistency in people with IBS. Psyllium also has the additional advantages over other sources of fiber of reducing flatulence and bloating.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD): In a study of people with ulcerative colitis, a type of inflammatory bowel disorder, Psyllium seeds were as effective as the prescription drug

Industrial Application:

Health Drinks, Soft drink
Bakery Products i.e. Bread, Pasta, etc...
Thicker element in Ice-cream, desserts, Jams, Biscuits
Various ways in Animal feed

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